September 2016 Information & Resource Roundup

Once a month we will roundup a variety of resources, news articles or items of interest we’ve come across that could be helpful in providing services, increasing staff knowledge and/or improving skills.  

DHS Data:  Since work requirements went into effect for FoodShare participants, thousands have joined the – August 31, 2016

Mental Health in Schools:  A Hidden Crisis Affecting Millions of – August 31, 2016

What It’s Live Living on Social – August 22, 2016

New Census Data Reflect Welcome Improvements to Economic Security and Family Well-Being, But Highlight the Need for Additional ProgressCenter for the Study of Social Policy – September 13, 2016

Leaving Abusive Relationships Is Especially Hard for People in Minority CommunitiesSocial Work Helper – September 13, 2016

Social Worker Safety:  Ultimate Self-CareSocial Work Today – September/October 2016

A Guided Self-Care Assessment for Helping – September 19, 2016

Pro/con: What’s the right balance when dealing with homelessnessThe Seattle Times – September 19, 2016

Skipping Meals, Joining Gangs:  How Teens Cope Without Enough Food At – September 15, 2016

Have a resource or article to share? Leave in the comments or pass it on to and we’ll include it in next months roundup. 

Case Management Certification Updates for 2017!

As the 2016 Certification year winds down (all 2016 submission MUST be received by Friday) we are busily gearing up for the 2017 certification which will start October 1, 2016!  The process and expectations for the 2017 Case Management Certification will remain the same but we’ve made a few small changes and updates we want to make sure everyone knows about.

  • The “Cultural Competency & Diversity” competency area has been changed to “Diversity Awareness.”  This change was made to reflect the learning objectives for this area which have been determined to be related to more than just culture/ethnicity and encompass diversity education and humility on a broader scale for all populations served.  We have been slowing changing this wording across the materials (so you might have already noticed).  In the meantime, these terms may be used interchangeably.
  • Learning Objectives for each competency area have been posted here.  These learning objectives will assist in determining which competency area a training may best apply to and to define the overall learning objectives of the case management certification.

All other information regarding the Case Management certification will remain the same for 2017.  If you have any questions you can always reference the FAQ pages or contact WUM Social Services for support!

Final Week To Submit Training!


Don’t forget FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 30th is the FINAL day for any training to be submitted in order to receive credit for the 2016 Case Management Certification!  Please plan accordingly and submit any last minute training ASAP.  Late submissions WILL NOT be accepted. The 2017 Case Management Certification year will start October 1st!

If you have any questions regarding this process or training documentation submission please contact WUM Social Services.