2017 Social Services Conference Attendance Summary Reports Sent!

All attendees at the 2017 Social Services Conference should have received their Conference Attendance Summary report and CEU application form for those seeking to obtain continuing education credit through Mount Mary. If you feel you should have received a report but have not please contact WUMSocialServices@usc.salvationarmy.org.

Your Attendance Summary report is what needs to be submitted in order to receive credit toward the 2018 Case Management Certification. For more information on how to submit for CEU’s and/or Case Management Certification Credit please consult your conference program or review the information below.


  • Send your Attendance Report, CEU application form and required payment to Mount Mary University directly using the instructions on the CEU application form.
  • CEU requests and payments should not be submitted to Divisional Headquarters.
  • The deadline for submission to Mount Mary University is December 1, 2017.


  • Visit on the online training submission form.
  • Complete the online form – select “Divisional Social Services Conference” from the Competency Area list.  Competency areas for each session are noted in the Conference Program and will be credited in that nature.
  • Enter any number in the “Length of Session” field –something must be entered in order to submit form.
  • Enter “Divisional Social Service Conference” in the Title of Training Sessions field.
  • Attach your attendance summary report.
  • Click ‘Submit Training’ – you only need to submit ONE TIME! You will be awarded training hours for all sessions included on your Attendance Report.

Please submit all Conference Documentation Forms by November 15, 2017!

Sample Online Conference Training Submission for Case Management Certification:

If you have any questions regarding this process or submitting your training please contact WUMSocialServices@usc.salvationarmy.org. 


Case Management Certification FAQ – How Do I Track My Hours?

cm-certification-faqEach month we will review a most frequently asked question regarding the Case Management Certification.  Keep an eye out for these monthly reminders.  

Question:  It’s a new Case Management Certification Year! How do I track my hours? How will I know once I am done for the year?

Answer:  The best way to track your hours is to download and use the Self-Tracking Sheet (<–Click on this link to download now!).Whenever you have submitted training hours, completed a self-study or participated in a WUM Division webinar enter the hours on these sheet and watch your progress. The Self-Tracking Sheet will automatically calculate your hours by competency area and with a quick glance you can easily identify which competency areas you still need.

Quarterly (January, April and July) we will provide you with a statement that you can compare with your Self-Tracking Sheet and if you notice any errors let us know so we can get those figured out. A final statement will be sent around September 1st to give you one last reminder before the end of the Certification year.

As always if you have additional questions you can visit the FAQ section or contact us at WUM Social Services.

CEU’s and Case Management Certification Credit tracking at the Social Services Conference

We are less than a week away from the 2017 WUM Divisional Social Services Conference. We’ve made some changes are are going high tech with tracking attendance, CEU’s and Case Management Certification Credit at the conference and wanted to give you a heads up!  More information will be included in your conference materials and the WUM Social Services team will be available to provide support and answer questions but we wanted to give you a heads up.

  • All attendees will have the QR code (see example on right) on their name badge scanned by the facilitator at the end of each session you attend.
  • Presenter signatures will not be used as verification of attendance as they have in past years.
  • Credit will only be provided for sessions in which you have had your name badge scanned.
  • You will receive an attendance report summary week after the conference along with information regarding how to submit for CEU and/or Case Management Credit.

Please review the information in your conference program and additional information posted here the week after the conference for further details on how to submit for CEU’s and/or Case Management Credit!


WISP 2017 SecuritiesTraining

downloadAttention all Wisconsin ServicePoint (WISP) users*.  In order to maintain your user license in the Wisconsin HMIS system (WISP) you must complete the 2017 Security Training by December 31, 2017. 

This training is eligible to meet 1.0 hours of training toward the Confidentiality & Privacy competency area for the 2018 Case Management Certification.

Take a screen shot of your confirmation code (see example below) prior to closing the browser window to include as the documentation with your Case Management Certification training submission.

To access the training visit and locate 110: Securities Training (2017) in the list of trainings:  https://www.icalliances.org/wi-recordings

This training is for staff who hold a license in the WISP system and DOES NOT apply to staff who are licensed ONLY in the SIMS ServicePoint System.  

*This training applies ONLY to users with WISP licenses.