July Information & Resource Roundup

Once a month we will roundup a variety of resources, news articles or items of interest we’ve come across that could be helpful in providing services, increasing staff knowledge and/or improving skills.  

Child Care Is Biggest Expense For A Growing Number of FamiliesForbes – June 29, 2015

LA Police Unit Intervenes To Get Mentally Ill Treatment, Not Jail Time npr.org – July 4, 2015

Poverty Is Bad For Mental Health – No, Really, It Is!SOAR Works – June 11, 2015

Obama Proposes to Expand Overtime for Almost 5 Million WorkersNBC New York – June 30, 2015

9 Tips for Identifying and Living Your PrioritiesPsychcentral.com – June 30, 2015

For Homeless Families, Quick Exit From Shelters Is Only A Temporary Fixnpr.org – July 7, 2015

Self-Harm:  The Myths & the Factspsychcentral.com – July 16, 2015

Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism-from Ferguson to Charlestoncitizenshipandsocialjustice.com – July 10, 2015

Why Disability And Poverty Still Go Hand in Hand 25 Years After Landmark Law npr.org – July 23, 2015

6 welfare myths we all need to stop believingMashable.com – July 27, 2015

Cheap Eats:  A Cookbook For Eating Well On A Food Stamp Budgetnpr.org – July 27, 2015

Have a resource or article to share? Leave in the comments or pass it on to wumsocialservices@usc.salvationarmy.org.

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