Case Management Certification FAQ – Who has to particpate in the certification process? I’m not a Case Manager can I participate?

cm-certification-faqEach month we will review a most frequently asked question regarding the Case Management Certification.  Keep an eye out for these monthly reminders.  

Question:  Who is expected to work toward the Case Management Certification process?  I’m not a Case Manager can I participate?

Answer: All staff currently providing case management and/or supervising case management services is expected to participate.  All social services staff is encouraged to participate.  You do not need to be a case manager to participate, some locations have set an expectation that all staff in the social services department complete the Certification process. Remember all new social services staff are expected to complete the New Staff Orientation which gives them a great start on completing the Case Management Certification for the current year.

As always if you have additional questions you can visit the FAQ section or contact us at WUM Social Services.


2018 Case Management Certification – July Quarterly Statements

Today quarterly statements (October-June) for the 2018 Case Management Certification and current New Staff Orientation progress were emailed to anyone with documented training hours. Please review your statement, compare to your self-tracking sheet and notify WUM Social Services if you identify any errors or have questions.  Location statements have also been sent to leadership at each Corps/location today as well.

Want more information on self-tracking? Read this and this.

This is also a great time to submit any other training hours/documentation that you have not yet submitted.  As always, we strongly encourage you to submit hours as you complete them and not wait until the last minute and risk forgetting or losing the documentation.

If you did NOT receive a statement, you have not yet submitted training hours for 2018. If you feel that you should have received a statement please contact WUM Social Services.

Click here for more information on the Case Management Certification.