What is the Case Management Certification?

A clear and consistent set of training expectations to ensure all staff is receiving adequate on-going training to equip and support themselves in their position.  The certification provides an established training path, accountability and recognition for completion of on-going professional development.

Who is expected to work toward the certification?

All staff currently providing case management and/or supervising case management services is expected to participate. All social services staff is encouraged to participate.

What if I am a licensed social worker or hold a similar professional license in the State of Wisconsin and/or Michigan?

Completing these training expectations for the certification should be able to fit into the requirements for your license.  In many cases you’ll able to use participation in the same training to meet your license and Salvation Army requirements.

What is the benefit to me as an employee?

You will be recognized as a trained case manager, engaged in your own professional development and equipped with the necessary skills to meet your full potential.

Can I view all of the FAQ sections in one document?

Yes, you can download a summary of all the FAQ sections here.


Contact wumsocialservices@usc.salvationarmy.org with any additional questions or for assistance.