Self-Study Courses

guided-self-studyTo complete a self- study course click on the corresponding quiz link below.  View the webinar and complete the quiz that will display.

No more than 50% of required training hours (7.5 hours) may be obtained through self-study courses.  The remaining hours (at least 7.5 hours) must be earned through participation in live training (via participation in a live webinar or in person).  All self-studies are equivalent to a minimum of 1.0 hours. 

For more information on the self-study process please see the FAQ

Boundaries & Ethics:

Boundaries & Ethics

Purposeful Use of Self

Confronting Bias

Confidentiality & Privacy:

Civil Rights Training 


Conflict Resolution/De-Escalation 

Bed Bugs:  Reality, Myths & Impact on Social Services Agencies 

Diversity Awareness:

Introduction to Human Trafficking

Generational Trauma & Working With Native Populations



Understanding Poverty 

Poverty & Homelessness

Mental Health & Substance Abuse:

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Trauma Awareness

Autism 101

Enablement Prevention for Professionals

Hoarding Disorder: Identification & Treatment

Adverse Childhood Experiences:  How and Why They Impact Adult Life

Bringing The Voice of Family to Addictions & Recovery

Basic Issues in Mental Health

Trauma Informed Care

Suicide Signs & Symptoms

AODA/Substance Abuse  

Stages of Change Model 

Interview & Assessment Skills:

When Clients Get Stuck – Approaches to Moving Towards Goal Completion in Case Management

Using Pen & Paper Exercises with Clients in Case Management


Relational Self-Awareness and the Helping Relationship

Emotional Intelligence

Communication Styles

Strategies to Help Clients Move Through the Stages of Change

Meeting Client’s Needs 

Customer Service in Social Services 

Creating a Strengths-Based Environment 

Strengths & Hope Based Case Management 

Motivational Interviewing 

Stages of Change Model


Mindfulness for Self-Care


Understanding Vicarious Traumatization 

Case Documentation:

Action Steps – Tools For Successful Goal Completion

Client Centered Goal Setting

Performance & Quality Improvement 

Goal Setting Within The Case Management Process/SMART Goals 

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