Self-Study Courses FAQ

What does a self-study entail?

A self-study entails viewing the recording of a past webinar and completing a brief quiz regarding the session.  You must score an 80% (4 of 5 responses correct) in order to receive credit for the self-study.

What if I don’t score an 80% (4 of 5 responses correct)?

You may review the webinar again, correct your response(s) and resubmit your quiz in order receive the credit.

What if I already attended the webinar live, can I still do the self-study?

If you have received credit towards your certification for participating in a webinar during this certification year (October 1 to September 30) you cannot complete the self-study for additional credit. If you participated in the training as a self-study or webinar in a past certification year you may view it again and complete the self-study during the current case management year.

I have completed all of the available self-studies.  Can I do them again?

You can receive credit for a self-study only once a certification year (October 1 to September 30).  We will be continuing to add new self-study opportunities.

Can I use self-studies to complete all of my training requirements?

You may use self-studies for up to 50% (7.5 hours) of your training requirements.  You are expected to participate in at least 50% (7.5) of your training live (via participation in live webinar or in person training).  If you participate in more than 15 total hours of training a minimum of 7.5 of your total training hours must be live training. An exemption to this requirement can be requested for staff whose schedule does not permit easy accessibility to adequate live training opportunities (i.e. 3rd shift or part time staff).  A request for exemption must be submitted by the staff’s supervisor to WUM Social Services via email.  This request will be reviewed and responded to within 5 business days.

What documentation do I need to submit to verify my completion of a self-study?

Upon completion of a self-study course you will submit your quiz electronically.  You will be contacted after this submission ONLY if your quiz needs revisions. If you received the confirmation page after submitting you can be assured your survey has been submitted properly.