Training Documentation FAQ

Can I receive CEU’s from training provided by The Salvation Army?

CEU’s ARE offered for participation in workshops at the Divisional Social Services conference held each fall.  Unfortunately, we are NOT permitted to provide CEU’s for the webinars, self-studies or other training that may be provided due to NASW and state licensing requirements.  These are provided for educational and training purposes only.

What documentation do I need to provide to verify my participation in a training session?

Documentation for training participation may include:  certificate, outline, agenda, registration confirmation, etc.  If you have any questions regarding what type of documentation to submit please contact WUM Social Services for assistance.

How do I submit my training documentation (for training other than webinars and self-studies)?

All training will be submitted using the electronic form found here the supporting documentation should be scanned and attached to the electronic form.  This submission will be sent direct to WUM Social Services for review and to be credited hours.  You are strongly encouraged to Self-Track your training submission to compare to quarterly statements provided.

When should I submit training documentation?

All training documentation must be submitted by September 30th to be considered for credit toward that year’s certification.  We recommend you submit training documentation regularly throughout the year to ensure all expectations are met and that the appropriate documentation has been obtained.

How can I find out how many training hours I have received credit for?

Quarterly statements will be sent via email to anyone who has training hours documented for the current year.  This statement will let you know how many hours you have received credit for in each competency area.  At this time you should compare to your Self-Tracking Form and notify us of any issues.  Statements will be sent out in January, April, & July.

Is there one place I can find and download all of the documents related to the Case Management Certification?

Yes, visit the downloadable documents page for a quick way to view and download any of the documents related to the certification.