Pathway of Hope

Pathway of Hope One Line TransparentInformation and resources on this page are directly related to Pathway of Hope and should be accessed and used by Corps currently trained and implementing Pathway of Hope only!  If you have questions regarding Pathway of Hope or any of these resources please contact for more information. 

Cluster Conference Calls:

POH Location Spotlight Template

2017 Cluster Conference Call Schedule & Discussion Topic Leadership

2017 Discussion Topic Ideas

Conference Call Etiquette & Tips

Promotion Tools:

Promotion Idea & Strategies

POH Sample Pitches

NEW POH Brochure (added March 2017!)

POH Brochure

Half Sheet POH Fact Sheet (Revised 11-2016)

Full Sheet POH Fact Sheet (Revised 11-2016)

POH Tear Off Flyer (Revised 11-2016 – request editable version from the POH Regional Coordinator)

Better Future – Tear Off Flyer (request editable version from the POH Regional Coordinator)

WUM POH Screening Tool – Referral Form

Defining Unsuccessful Engagement Attempts

Follow Up Tools:

Follow Up Contact Tracking

Sample POH Follow Up Letter

Sample Pre Withdrawal Letter

Divisional POH Grant Resources:

Divisional POH Grant Reminders

Tracking POH Grant Services

Pathway of Hope Quarterly Report

Assessment Resources:

Self Sufficiency Matrix – Decision Flow Charts– Use to help you and the client determine the most appropriate response for each matrix field.

Completion/Follow Up Surveys:

Exit Survey (use this link ONLY for WUM clients at Completion/Exit from Pathway of Hope) – Contact POH Regional Coordinator when you are approaching completion with a client.

Follow Up Survey (use this link ONLY for WUM clients at Post-Completion Follow Ups (3, 6 and 12 months) for Pathway of Hope)- Contact POH Regional Coordinator approaching a follow up assessment with a client.

General Resources:

Pathway of Hope Training Videos

How to Access The Pathway of Hope Lotus Notes Database