SIMS POH Resources

Information and resources on this page are directly related to SIMS ServicePoint for Pathway of Hope. If you have questions regarding Pathway of Hope or any of these resources please contact for more information. 

SIMS ServicePoint Log In Links:

SIMS Training Site (for training purposes only do not enter any real clients or data)

SIMS Live Site (must have completed all training requirements for access)

Pathway of Hope Workflow:

WUM – SIMS POH Data Entry Workflow – Checklist (updated 7/2016)

Revised Client Profile Questions – Household Workflow Option

UPDATED Measurements Tab Manual & Training Video:

How To Add URICA, HHI And SSM On Measurements Tab ( 7/2016)

Measurements Tab Training Video (updated 7/2016):

Written Materials and Manuals (WUM Created):

Entering A Single Referral (updated 2/2015)

Entering Multiple Referrals (updated 2/2015)

Adding a Household Member to A Program Entry (updated 7/2014)

Correcting Goal Attachment (POH) (updated 11/2015)

Case Notes Reminders (updated 5/2016)

Training manuals created by THQ for SIMS ServicePoint are available for download on the SIMS Resource Database in Lotus Notes.  Click here for How to Access The SIMS ServicePoint Resources Database in Lotus Notes

CDMS Client Data Privacy Notice and Consent (SIMS ROI – Revised 10/2017)