SIMS, Reporting & Tracking

Information and resources on this page are directly related to Pathway of Hope in the Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Division. If you have questions regarding Pathway of Hope or any of these resources please contact for more information. 

SIMS ServicePoint Log In Links:

SIMS Training Site (for training purposes only do not enter any real clients or data)

SIMS Live Site (must have completed all training requirements for access)

SIMS User Agreements & Client Releases:

SIMS ServicePoint User Agreement

CDMS Client Data Privacy Notice and Consent (SIMS ROI – Revised 10/2017)

Pathway of Hope Workflow:

WUM – SIMS POH Data Entry Workflow (updated 1/2019)

Revised Client Profile Questions – Household Workflow Option

Written Materials and Manuals (WUM Created):

Entering A Single Referral (updated 2/2015)

Entering Multiple Referrals (updated 2/2015)

Case Notes Reminders (updated 5/2016)

Adding a Household Member to A Program Entry (updated 7/2014)

Correcting Goal Attachment (POH) (updated 11/2015)

Updated Pastoral Care and Corps-Church Engagement Tracking (effective 1/2019)

Monthly Report and Tracking:

POH Monthly Corps Report

Defining Unsuccessful Engagement Attempts

Follow Up Contact Tracking